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Most often refers to the process of fabricating tools from a rapid prototyping process. Rapid tooling may utilize direct or indirect methods: In direct methods, the part fabricated by the RP machine itself is used as the tool. In indirect methods, the part fabricated by the RP machine is used as a pattern in a secondary process. The resulting part from the secondary process is then used as the tool. In recent years, the term rapid tooling has been borrowed by practitioners of industry-standard methods such as subtractive CNC to refer to the ability to streamline these processes to compete with additive technologies.


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High Wave Hardware Plastics Mould Co.Ltd.
Category: Equipment
Description: We are professional injection moulds and plastic parts manufacture from China. For 18 years, we export 400~500 sets mould in HASCO or DME standard to European & North American market yearly. Highwave won high praise and trust from our customers, based ...